The Future

Our goal is to create more equity in an industry that has been pale, male and stale for far too long. This means backing diverse innovators at early stages, taking calculated risk where others won't. We’ve also developed a vast community of like-minded organizations that support our unified mission. We see our potential portfolio companies every day through our agency partners Elevate My Brand and these incredible networks who see us as leaders making change possible in this important space. Over 20 of our partners have already agreed to support us through a cross-marketing partnership announcing us into their networks to drive Limited Partner interest and deal flow.

Diligence Process

It's not just a check. We make informed decisions.

  • 2 founder calls
  • validating the market through our listening software
  • 3 customer calls
  • 3 founder reference calls
  • finalizing diligence through memo
  • internal voting process
  • final commitment to founder 
True Partners

After the yes, we commit to our portfolio companies' continued success.

  • introduction to vendors
  • introduction to partner venture funds
  • discount marketing services (a huge cost savings for use of funds post-raise)
  • podcast public relations push
  • network email blasts to drive awareness

Get Involved