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Oversubscribed: Web 3.0 in 2023

Laurel Mintz, GP

Web 3.0... I've talked about it a lot on the agency side if you've followed us over there at Elevate My Brand, but the truth is that Web 3.0 is going to become what we call the new internet. You don't call it World Wide Web. Now it's just the internet, and it's just a ubiquitous term and the same thing is going to happen with Web 3.0 it's just that next iteration.

I've also been very clear in most of my prior messaging that I think anyone who's a web 3 expert is full of you know what because we're not really 100% clear on what that is going to be yet what we can say is what it includes.  Web3 includes things like:

  • the Metaverse
  • cryptocurrency
  • blockchain technology
  • AR
  • VR 

It's a very interesting and dynamic category, especially with all of the AI technologies like Chat GPT, which has been like blowing up the interwebs or Web 3.0 our world as of late. So it's a really important category for us to talk about, acknowledge and invest in.

As a woman as someone who is investing in the diverse categories, Web 2 and even Web 1 were categories where diversity was not a focus. Think about the "pale male and stale powers that be" that own those worlds. We want to make sure we avoid that as Web 3.0 becomes the new internet, so it's so critically important for you to educate and empower yourself. Whether that is figuring out how to buy an NFT and figuring out what that looks like or understanding blockchain and how to use it for your world or even if you're just an e-commerce brand being able to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

There's all these really interesting applications of what Web 3.0 will be I don't think anyone is an expert. The real big takeaway here is understanding and empowering yourself and educating yourself around this category.