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Oversubscribed: VC's Celebrating Pride Month

Laurel Mintz, GP of Fabric VC

June is one of my favorite months, I love Pride month so much. I have so much pride in Pride and so many friends and family that celebrate this month. It's an excuse to go out and celebrate those who are out there being their authentic selves. It's usually super fun and exciting and I hope that you will all go out and celebrate. And celebrate more with than just rainbows.

For Pride Month, a lot of brands and corporations rainbow wash, so my callout to is to find an organization that supports Pride year-round. This is not just a once a month, once a year conversation. This is an important conversation to have year-round because there's still so much violence happening in this space.

So as much of the play and excitement and rainbows and all the fun things that Pride does absolutely represent, it's just as important for us to stand up and say that Pride is a constant conversation that we need to have. So please go out there, celebrate safely and find your organizations to support today.