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Oversubscribed: Our Quadruple Bottom Line

Laurel Mintz, GP of Fabric VC

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here, GP of Fabric VC, and this is Oversubscribed. One of the things that we have started to bake into our conversations as we’re out fundraising is our Quadruple Bottom Line. And that is people, purpose, planet and profits. 

People.We obviously want to put people first. That’s been so important to me since my very first company. I’m actually really excited that I can call myself a serial entrepreneur now. But the reason that we’ve been so successful in this last company and that we believe that Fabric will be equally as successful is because we put people first. People are the most important piece of anything that we do, especially now, given the ESG focus of the fund.

Profits. Obviously, for those of you investing, we want to make sure that we are making money and providing great returns. And on average, companies that are ESG-focused and run by diverse founders historically outperform at a 25% higher return rate. So that’s the profits side.

Planet. We’re not going to do anything or invest in anything that is harmful to the planet. In fact, our very first investment was in a company called Cadence that’s looking to solve single-use plastics, so we’re doing good things in the world. 

Purpose. We’re making sure that everything we do has real meaning and that is solving some greater problem in the world. This is how we’re going to create more equity and parody in this space, and that is truly my mission here at Fabric.