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Oversubscribed: How To Invest In Fintech In 2023

Laurel Mintz, GP

Today's conversation is all around fintech–what it is and why it's so important to invest in. 

Q: What is fintech (finance technology)?

A: It's the use of technology for traditional financial methods and financial literacy. 

What's important to understand is why to invest in fintech. That's really about closing the gap of wealth in this country and around the world. We believe at Fabric that this is exactly what fintech is here to do–to help us educate, empower and help people build wealth. This includes fintech developments to help: 

  • build credit
  • increase access to financial education 
  • teach people about how to invest and make their money make money
  • invest in different categories of assets

There are so many big conversations to be had around fintech, but at the very least, understanding what fintech is and why it's valuable as an investor, and most importantly, so we can close the wealth gap.