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Oversubscribed: Fabric's Thread Count

Laurel Mintz, GP

Fabric really believes in giving back to our founder community. So regardless of whether we end up investing in a company we take the companies that we start diligence with through what we're calling our Fabric Thread Count. We of course had to be clever because we're marketeers by heart but ultimately, all it is is we're using the listening software that we have on the agency side that we've been using for years and years to develop really smart KPIs and baselines from an omnichannel marketing perspective for these portfolio companies.

We then do a comprehensive competitive analysis to make sure that we're seeing a few things:

  1. Are there numbers real?
  2. How far are they from their competitors?
  3. Will our check meaningfully close that gap to their competitors?

Regardless of whether we invest in the companies or not, they receive this really detailed data-driven report that they can then go and execute on. It's really just part of our mission and our promise to give back to the founder community and that is part of our diligence process. The Fabric Thread Count is an extra layer of diligence on top of the founder and financial diligence and we believe that it's helping us to de-risk our port-cos and gives back to the founder community simultaneously.