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Oversubscribed: Celebrating AAPI Founders

Hi, everyone. Laurel Mintz, you GP of Fabric VC. It is May, so we are celebrating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Month or AAPI Heritage Month.

If you follow us on our socials, you understand the impact that venture funding and the unique biases that AAPI founders face. Not unlike some of the other founders that we celebrate and back. But every every category of founder and specifically, every category of diverse founder faces their own unique challenges while this can be discouraging to new AAPI founders in the spirit of celebrating this month and AAPI Heritage Month.

Overall, we wanted to point out some of the amazing founders in this category that have created incredible companies that impacted our everyday lives. So here are some of the biggest and baddest and best companies that have been founded by Asian American or Pacific Islander founders.

1) Youtube. Hello video! This is where we are today. Couldn't live our lives without it. If you don't know, it is the second largest search engine in the world. Second only to Google and most people don't think about it as a search platform, but it is the best way to search and find tips, tools, tricks, recipes. Anything you could possibly think of that you need is there?

2. Zoom. I have a love hate with this one. Of course, because Zoom has consumed our everyday life, but we we work with clients on a global scale. And so Zoom is impactful for that and couldn't live without it.

3. DoorDash. Something that we use personally on pretty much a weekly basis. When you get that craving, there's nothing better than being able to search for that flavor profile that you're looking for or even to discover new brands. And in fact, again, in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we just found that Ka Lord, which is a Filipino based restaurant here in Los Angeles is finally delivering. So we were able to try. That one is really exciting and only possible thanks to DoorDash.

4. Kickstarter. I mean enough said raise millions and millions of dollars for founders. Just like all of you on their amazing platform.

Pinterest, Credit Karma, Rotten Tomatoes. I mean the list goes on and on, I could continue down the path. I personally have such a strong relation with pretty much every single brand that I've mentioned because they have had such amazing impact in our daily lives for the positive. So we're excited to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. And hopefully, you'll get to celebrate with your founders in this category as well. So go out there, hug, kiss and celebrate your AAPI founders, friends, family, anyone who's supporting this amazing founder community.