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Fabric Fold: Why We Need More Femtech Startups

Laurel Mintz, GP

We need more technology focused around women's health.

First of all, I just want to call out that I think the word Femtech is total B.S.. I don't see us calling anything around men's health and men's you know, wellness, male tech or dick tech or whatever you want to call it. So I absolutely hate this term. However, it is what the industry calls it, so we're going to address it here.

It's so important that we define what Femtech is first and foremost and that is health software or software enabled tech enabled products that cater to women's health, right? These are menopause products, these are IVF products, these are period products, etcetera.

They're calling it a niche market, although 51% of the world is women. So I don't know why they call it niche but niche in terms of its focus, but it really is all about increased access to health care, right? When you have technology that you can access from remote places, our access points and our awareness and solutions to some of these bigger problems become more prominent.

And then finally, it can actually really benefit the health sector as a whole. It's creating a bigger solution to more niche problems. So I think it needs to be folded into health tech as a whole.