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Fabric Fold: What HealthTech Means For Investors

Laurel Mintz, GP

Health tech is one of the fastest growing verticals within the health care sector, which is why I'm interested in it as a VC.

The only issue really that we've seen is that investors are really skeptical about scalability. A lot of this has to do around Medicare, Medi-Cal,  and other tools whether they're going to be able to be paid for, for these platforms. It's a big question mark right now and something that a lot of our investors are looking into.

The other conversation is really about making sure you put your bet, your money on the right bet, right on the right course with so many new health care and health tech solutions out there, how will you know if you're picking the right one? And that's why as a VC, we're even more picky about the investments that we make in this specific category. But it is a fantastic and fascinating category that we continue to be interested in and we will share with you as we have more knowledge on it.