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Fabric Fold: 3 Reasons Investors Fund CPG Brands

Laurel Mintz

This is why investors fund CPG brands personally, I do it because it's the world that I know, it's the world that we understand and support on the agency side. But the truth is is that there's a ton of numbers to back this up as a reason to invest as well.

70% of the US economy is driven by consumer spending. This was a recent article in Forbes and there are more exit opportunities in consumer brands. For example, in the clean beauty space, a lot of the bigger brands are simply buying or acquiring having M&A activity with smaller brands that have really built, built these cult followings.

There is a really exciting consumer market and it's huge. It's three times the size of the tech market (TechCrunch).

And then the last one that I personally really align with is that it is such a fun industry to play in. I find the founders to be fascinating, they seem to be solving really important problems and really fun problems and consumer is just a good time.

So those are all the reasons that investors fund CPG and why we picked the category to fund ourselves.