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Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

Laurel Mintz, GP of Fabric VC

Hi everyone, Laurel Mintz here with Fabric VC and this is Oversubscribed. This is another celebratory month! It is AAPI Heritage Month, which stands for Asian American and Pacific Islanders. 

So it is a big inclusive category and important for us to call out, specifically because we had a really hard time finding any statistics defining AAPI as it is related to venture capital. So it is, like all the other categories we focus on, an issue in terms of focus on diversity and fundraising. 

So, just like Women’s History Month, Black History Month, Pride, etc…, our callout to you is: do you have any AAPI Founders that you would like us to feature on any of our channels and anyone who is fundraising that we’d like to take a look at? 

So go out there and celebrate your AAPI brothers and sisters and non-binaries and we hope you have a great celebratory month.